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What you will find here is all the fun things I am doing in the business of insurance, as well as what I am doing as a mom, singer and volunteer!

  • A bit about me…

After starting in the world of finance, I found myself drawn to insurance products especially life insurance. When I look back to my 7 year career in real estate, the one thing that set me apart from the other agents was my commitment to understanding the contract and explaining it to my clients in a way that they would understand and feel  confident in their decision. I also understood the value of  a contract. It’s a promise and paper. One would never purchase a home or property without a signed written contract because of that very  obligation! So, the same holds true in insurance. In fact most people don’t know that if a company wants to sell insurance in the state of Idaho, they must have a solvency ratio of over 100%! That means that if everyone died at the same time and they had to pay out all of their claims they would be able to.  This was valuable to me and drew me to wanting to understand what else insurance could do contractually!

If you don’t already know I’m in a band, well, now you do! I love to sing, paint, dance and singing on stage is an amazing experience! Entertaining is a thrill – especially when the dance floor is full! You are always welcome to attend any of my public shows and can see our calendar at Thebtownhitmen.com.

Though these are some of my hobbies, my starring role is being a mom of two great kids. Isaac is 14 in the 8th grade and Elena is almost 12 and in 6th. Both are Idaho natives and love skiing and river rafting. I leave the extreme sports to them and spend my time watching from the warmth of the lodge or in the safety of a float down the Boise river!

Insurance just happens to be how I earn a living, and helping people understand the ins and outs of how it all works is my specialty, because… IT’S CONFUSING!

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It’s not work if you love what you do…

Raising a family of two has been an amazing privilege and after staying at home to nurture them almost 10 years, they went off to school and left me with the time to pursue new interests. While having enjoyed an almost 10 year stint in real estate before moving across state lines, my near decade as a realtor proved one thing. I have a passion for helping people. After going back to work and immersing myself in insurance & benefits, my natural draw has been to equip folks nearing, or already in retirement with clear and objective information regarding options . I love this stuff! I get to teach you ways to create level medical costs, cover funeral expenses at a discount and protect your nest egg from going to zero before you do! Talk about valuable and practical information! Some of my clients spend little to nothing out of pocket to create large legacies so they may enjoy every last penny on whatever they want! Someone once said, “I hope I die the day I spend my last penny!” Wouldn’t it be nice to do that and still have an estate to pass down to your heirs, free of tax burdens and time consuming probate? So many options out there my friends! Ask me how!

Which leads me to invite you…

Please attend one or more of my ongoing monthly seminars, every second Thursday of each month. 2 locations . 10am at Cole Library and 1 pm at Brown Crossing Library.

Seminar Topics

January 11- Medicare 101 ABC’s and D’s and what it doesn’t cover

February 8- Medicare 101 overview/ Are Reverse Mortgages Really Evil? Guest speaker, Brad Barrack

March 8th- The Beauty Of Annuities guest speaker, Marc Rogers

April 12th- Life Insurance and why do I want it? Making everyday count

May 10th What about my Dental Vision And Hearing Benefits? Medicare doesn’t cover them so what should I look for in a good plan?

June 14th- Taxes in Retirement  Am I paying too much? How can I prepare my accounts now? Guest speaker Don Minick

July 12th- Lower my Numbers! From Blood pressure to PSA and all the other medical scores I want to be aware of. What is the most healthy score in my category? Guest speaker TBA

August 9th- Annual Reviews  Why do I want one and what am I supposed to be reviewing anyway? Guest Speaker Attorney TBA




Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart!

2017 has been a wonderful year for my family and I, and I owe much of that to you, my fans, clients, family, and friends.

Thank You Everyone!

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“I am profoundly grateful to know there are people out there with the level of expertise, Teresa McCully possesses. These are very complicated waters to
navigate, and it can be difficult to sort out. Her comprehensive knowledge is matched with patience and calm assurance. She answered all my questions and actively sought my understanding of the information. I feel much more confident about making these impotant choices, thanks to her.”

– Barbara J, Seattle, WA


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Thank you!

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